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Frequently Asked Questions

Will ACE Anvil port everything from ACE3 to Arma Reforger?

This mostly depends on when Arma 4 will be released, when it will be in a playable state and how easy it will be to port things between Arma Reforger and Arma 4. Just like Bohemia Interactive, we want to treat Arma Reforger as a test platform for the Enfusion engine.

However, since ACE3 was initially released in 2015 and was based on even older projects, it is unlikely that ACE Anvil will reach feature parity before the team transitions to Arma 4.

Can I contribute?

Please do! We welcome any contribution that fits within ACE’s scope. That means anything that is either a realism or just quality of life feature is much appreciated. Ideally, hop on our Discord and discuss what you want to do with the community first.

Since Arma Reforger is a test platform: Go wild. We’re happy to add some features that might not be strictly within ACE’s usual scope.