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Development Guide

Here are some general guidelines about developing with ACE Anvil.


  • Arma Reforger and Arma Reforger Tools (available on Steam)
  • Git

Development Environment

  1. Clone ACE Anvil with Git
  2. Open Arma Reforger Tools -> Add Project -> Scan for Projects
  3. Select ACE-Anvil/addons folder
  4. Launch ACE All in One

Recommended Worlds to test on:

  • ArmaReforger/worlds/MP/MpTest/MpTest.ent
  • ArmaReforger/worlds/ScenarioFramework/SF-Tutorial-Navmesh.ent (if AI is required)

Code Formatting

We will follow Bohemia Interactive’s guidelines for now.

Debug Mode

All ACE components should have the following attribute to enable a debugging mode, if there is one:

[Attribute(defvalue: "0", desc: "Enable debug mode")]
bool m_bDebugModeEnabled;

Further reading